The gear lists is very good practice in preparation to trips. It allows to prepare in advance and not to left something useful at home. I use the gearlists each time I go to trip. Each time when I create gearlist I use the previous one as base. After several times of rewriting the same things on paper I tried to use electronic tables like excel, but they are not so useful for me. After that experience I decided to create the special tool to manage gear lists. The main idea is to have possibility easily copy items from one list to another, or to have the root list with the all gear you have and copy only necessary items to the newly created list. Initially I planned to create offline tool, but in the end I decided to make online website to allow anyone use it as well.
I’ve created the limitations on total disk space usage per user. Also the lists that are not accessed during 3 years will be deleted. But I’m still think is these limitations are necessary.
If you have troubles with interface the small help page available by the top menu link.
To create your own lists it is necessary to sign up.
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