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The work with the gear lists is possible in two modes. In the single list mode (backpack) you can enter the list items by typing on keyboard or you can use the list as checklist. In the dual list mode you can copy the data from left list to the right list (from rack to rucksack). Right list in two list mode also could be modified by hands.
In case if the screen width too small the size of one of the lists will be reduced automatically to save the screen space. The list will restore original size when you click on it. The size of the screen when the lists are automatically resized could be setup in the account settings.
Total size of all lists that you could store on the disk is the 500 Kb
To enter the single list mod you need to click on the create new button or on the one of the already created lists in the top menu.
create a gearlist

In the single list mode you have the following controls:
the gearlist page overview
  • Picture assigned to the list – you can change it by clicking on the picture
  • The name of the list (this name will be displayed in the top menu)
  • Detail description – here you can put extra data regarding the list
  • Share the list so it will be available to other users in read-only mode
  • Line move buttons
  • Select button - could be used to select the whole line in checklist mode. In two list mode this button copies the line to the right side list
  • The name of the list item
  • Detailed description of the item
  • Weights fields
  • Buttons to delete line and add empty line

The buttons under the table:
save gearlistSave current list to the disk. If this is newly created list after that the new url will be available
clear gearlistClean all the lines in the current list
delete gearlistDelete the list from disk
select other gearlistSelect the second gearlist and go to the two list mode
undo deleteUndo line delete in the list